My Body is One Incredible Healing Machine


Yesterday I went to put my shoes on to take the dogs out for their afternoon walk; something I have been doing for years. It was chilly out so I decided to wear my slip on boots. Since I know I have a problem with my balance, I leaned against the front door to stabilize myself, bent over to pick up my left boot and lifted my left leg to put my foot inside. Before I knew it, I lost my balance; putting my left foot down to catch myself, I ended up smashing my big toe into the tile floor. The pain was intense to say the least.

Why didn’t I sit on the stool near the door to put on my shoes? That is the reason I put the stool there — so I didn’t have to stand while putting on my shoes. If I had just taken the time to sit down, I wouldn’t be in this pain.

I surveyed the damage. No visible signs of broken bones. My dogs looked up at me asking, “When are we going outside Mom?” They had no idea I did such a dumb thing to myself, they just knew it was time for their walk, so out we went. It was uncomfortable walking but I could stand it until we got back.

Thirty minutes later I was soaking my foot in warm water with sea salt. I know ice would have been a better choice, but I don’t like cold stuff on my skin. My toe was a little swollen but nothing seemed broken. I could wiggle my toes and it didn’t hurt to touch the skin.

I relaxed in the recliner for an hour. As soon as I got up and walked around, the pain was intense. I limped around and took a couple Ibuprofen and placed an ice pack on my foot, hoping it would ease the pain a bit. I stayed off my feet pretty much the rest of the night.

This morning my foot was better. It was bruised and I figured the worst is over. Looking at my foot got me to thinking how amazing my body is.  It’s made to heal itself even without the help of medical care. Eventually, I know my foot will heal on its own. It’s just a sprain.

Have you thought about your amazing body/immune system? Its working 24/7 to make sure no “foreign invaders” (like bacteria, viruses, too much alcohol, eating junk food or smoking) will hurt you. Just think about all the abuses you put yourselves through and your hearts are still beating; your lungs still take in oxygen. You get up every morning and do whatever it is you do and your body makes sure it happens.

Stubbing my toe on the tile caused my brain, via the pain signal, to alert my body’s defense mechanism to rush to the spot that was injured and bring along extra blood to repair the damage. It even caused swelling in the area to protect it from more damage.

That being said, it is up to me to make sure I do my part by feeding myself healthy foods, getting enough rest and exercising every day (even if its only going for a walk). Now if I could just remember to use my common sense and use the tools I have to make my life easier (like sitting on the stool to put my shoes on) my body’s repair system might be able to take a breather…

Be Well!

Plant Based Protein Guide


Just found a website that’s all about plant based foods that I had to share with you. This particular post is about plant based protein, which includes recipes.

I wrote about my need to increase my B12 a few posts back and I received lots of good feedback — thank you! I have been looking for more ideas and recipes since then.

Anyways… here’s their website. One Green Planet

I saw this on the news this morning, “Americans Should Consider Eating Less Meat For Environmental Reasons, Scientists Say.” You can bet the cattle ranchers threw a fit over that report and probably will demand they retract it.

The debate continues…

Be Well Eat healthy!

“Fast Foods & Processed Foods Vs Whole Foods, Nutrition & Wellness”

I found a great video that explains why eating whole foods is soooo important to good health. Enjoy!

Be Well!