Hue Quang Buddhist Temple

One of the things I decided to do more of this year is take pictures. Photography is a favorite hobby of mine, all though I haven’t done much of it lately. That will change this year. I may not be great at taking pictures (like lining up the scene perfectly) but I enjoy it and that’s all that matters to me.

Today I decided to look for a local Buddhist temple as my project and I found a beautiful one, Hue Quang Buddhist Temple, located in Santa Ana, California. The temple caters to Vietnamese Buddhists (I’m actually guessing that because everything was written in Vietnamese and the nuns who were there, did not speak English). The only communication we managed to understand was bowing and smiling and saying “thank you.”

This is the front of the temple


This small temple is along side of the larger one. I don’t know who is in the picture, but I’m guessing he might have either founded this temple or was an important monk.


I found this structure to be quite interesting. It seems to be a Buddhist mausoleum, only the deceased persons inside are all in urns.




This view is right outside the front door looking in to the temple





I think this is Quan Yin and a child. She is on the left side of the large Buddha


I am guessing this Lord Shiva (because he has a sword), but If I’m wrong please leave a comment below


I believe this is another statue of Buddha (or maybe a monk?)


This Buddha greets visitors in the parking lot entrance.


Another statue of Quan Yin outdoors behind the temple


Hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are several more Buddhist temples close to me, so I plan to visit them all and take more pictures.


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