Alternative Integrative Therapies Part 3: Confessions of an Oncology Nurse

This post isn’t what I planned to write about today, but after watching a video about how western medicine treats cancer, I had to share it with you.  For the past few months, I have witnessed some disturbing things at the infusion center I volunteer at, so watching this video clears up some of the suspicions I had about what could be going on in our healthcare system. Before I go on, let me give a little back story as to what I’m getting at. First of all, I truly believe that everyone who is involved with the direct care of cancer patients, does so because they want to help them get well, but the more our healthcare is taken over by major corporations who answer to shareholders, the quality of that care diminishes. We are not  seen as patients by some who run these institutions, instead we are “cash cows.”

The infusion clinic where I’m at gets all kinds of people from a wide range of ages, to get chemotherapy. Some come for other reasons but most are there because they have cancer.  It’s the ones who are over the age of 70 and are frail to begin with which bother me the most. I can think of three patients off-hand who were over the age of 80 who suffered from the side effects of their treatments and soon died as a result. Since I am limited to what I can ask patients, I have no idea whose idea it was to give something as toxic as chemo to an elderly patient, and let’s be honest chemo and radiation are poisons. I know that’s true from all the research I’ve done and because my doctors warned me that accepting treatment meant accepting the risk of getting a different cancer down the road caused by the chemo I was about to take. I was lucky. I am young and healthy compared to many others who come in.

That being said, chemo/radiation kicked my ass. I was in bad shape, but with the little strength I had, I searched the Internet, determined to change my diet and lifestyle for the better. My doctors told me to eat whatever I wanted and they prescribed Ensure for me when I was an inpatient. That just didn’t sound right. My instinct told me that healthy food was my ticket back to wellness, so I found other survivors who felt the same way. Not only did I recover from cancer but I did so much faster than my doctors expected. Some say I’m a miracle and maybe I am but I did my part. My willingness to look for alternative ideas saved my life as well. If I had gone back to eating processed foods, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today, which brings me to this video that I hope you will take the time to watch, especially if you are newly diagnosed or found out that your cancer treatment isn’t working. Even if you choose to go ahead and get conventional treatment, at least you know there are alternatives and complimentary treatments available. So make yourself comfortable and see what this nurse has to say about our healthcare system.

Be Well and Stay Informed,


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