Twenty-Percent of Patients Are Misdiagnosed!

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I just watched an episode of “A Healthy You,” hosted by Carol Alt, a cancer survivor and model. One of her topics was about being misdiagnosed. According to her research, 20% of patients are misdiagnosed! From what I hear from patients I visit in the infusion center, that number sounds about right. I was misdiagnosed by 2 different doctors for a year before I was correctly diagnosed with cancer. The first one said I had a bacterial infection and the second said it was hemorrhoids.

I accepted their different diagnosis even though my intuition didn’t agree. I almost died because I didn’t question them and seek out another opinion. Let my story be a lesson to you. It’s so important for you to take charge of your own health! You know your body better than anyone else, even someone with a medical degree.


Suzanne Somers writes about her story of being misdiagnosed in her book, “Knockout” only, she was told she had cancer, which turned out to be wrong! If she hadn’t listened to her intuition, she could have died from treatment, she didn’t even need!

Don’t be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself. Yes, you might get some flack from your doctor, if he/she is the kind who thinks he/she knows everything and isn’t willing to listen to you… but think about it, do you want someone caring for you that has an ego that big??? Fire that doctor and look for someone else. Your life depends on it.

Be well!


1 thought on “Twenty-Percent of Patients Are Misdiagnosed!

  1. great advice! thank you for sharing your story and delivering a most important cautionary tale. we all need to do whatever it takes to be our own best advocates, even though it might be difficult at first. but, hey, it all comes down to fighting for our lives! and there are great resources available; most cancer centers now have nurse navigators assigned in every type of cancer and have special education/qualifications to help new patients find their way. many make themselves available 24/7 and can provide support for learning the ropes of self-advocacy. thank you for this insightful post about a very important topic.

    I hope this finds you feeling well and living life to it’s fullest.


    Karen xox

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