Restorative Yoga When You Feel Sick

I am on Day 3 of having the flu (I prefer to call it an imbalance) and I feel better but now my body feels yucky since I slept so much and did not do any exercise the last couple days. I just felt to crappy and preferred to lay low. I can’t do my walking because its been raining (YAY! Thank you Mother Nature!). For me rainy weather means slippery pavement and it’s too hazardous for me to get around even with my walker. The complex I live in has flower beds that bleed mud onto the walkways. Plenty of residents have slipped and fallen from this problem. I don’t want to be another casualty. So, I looked for some gentle yoga videos to help me.

I found one, a “restorative” yoga video that has poses to help those of us who are sick. I just did it and feel better. I “favorited” it and plan to more of those poses even when I feel good. My body loves to be nurtured and I deserve it (So do you).

Be Well and Be Happy!


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