The Flu Bug Bit Me

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Sunday night at 8 pm the flu hit me like a ton of bricks. It came on so fast I didn’t have time to head it off with herbs. By 11 o’clock my knees were so stiff I couldn’t get up without help from hubby. I slept on the futon, my walker by my side. That hasn’t happened since I was sick from cancer.

For a few minutes I flashed back to those days, Is the cancer back? I knew it couldn’t be, the scan I had a month ago came back clear. That didn’t ease the fear I felt along with the typical flu nausea. I slept all of Monday. I was awake, maybe a total of three hours. Today is Tuesday. I feel better. Not 100% but better.

In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t get a flu shot. I choose to depend on my immune system to fight off “bugs” or at least tone them down, and since I don’t get sick often, I must be doing something right.  I think we get too many vaccines these days, so food and herbs are my vaccines.

I started checking my ph today with the test strips I bought months ago, and it’s  showing acid in my body. This the first time (that I know of) since I had cancer that my ph was acid, but back then it was more acidic than today. I will keep monitoring it so I can see when my body is back to normal.

Its raining today so I will stay indoors, cuddle with my fur babies and take care of myself.

Be Well and Be Happy,

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