I Went to the Michael Franti Concert


I can’t remember the last time John and I went out to see a show or a movie at night. If we do go out to eat, it’s usually for lunch. We probably wouldn’t have gone out last night either, if it wasn’t for my generous son, James, who bought us tickets to see Michael Franti. He was performing at a small venue only 40 minutes south of us. James used to work for EMI Music before they were bought by Universal Music and his job was working with the “entertainment.” I remember him telling me on several occasions how much he liked working with Michael Franti; he is not your typical spoiled musician. He is a true bodhisattva not only with his music but in his real life.

Franti’s performance was acoustic so not all his band members were there; he played for a smaller audience (around 500) and took time out to tell us the story behind each song. Wikipedia describes his band as: Hip hop with a variety of other styles including funk, reggae, jazz, folk, and rock.

His audience was eclectic and I got to do a lot of “people watching,” which is another hobby of mine. Usually though there isn’t the variety of people like there was last night, so that made the evening extra special. It was a mix of several generations, yuppies and Rastaferi personalities.

I also watched the wait staff who were on the go the whole time. We were in a dinner theatre so food was available to those who wanted it. The servers looked to be in their twenties and thirties. Watching them brought back memories (in case you don’t know, I worked in restaurants off and on for twenty years). Everyday was an adventure. I miss it, but even if I was able to physically do the work, I’m considered too old. You don’t see many servers over the age of forty anymore and I’m a couple years older than that. Waiting tables is not only hard on the body but it requires good multi-tasking skills… and if you work in a nightclub, you need super sonic hearing. The music was so loud, I couldn’t hear anyone talking to me. I don’t know how the servers understood what their customers were saying, although decades ago I worked in a loud discotheque (Come to think of it, that’s probably why I can’t hear so good now).

Franti is heading back east so if you want to see him, click here for ticket info. I highly recommend going.

If you don’t know his music watch his video:


1 thought on “I Went to the Michael Franti Concert

  1. Happy you enjoyed your night out. I haven’t heard of him, but my knowledge of music is dated given my 70+ years. I did enjoy the video and thank you for sharing. Always interested in expanding my space to receive the new.

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