Update! Cat Scan # I Lost Count

wrong bitch

Today I saw my oncologist Dr. S for my three-month checkup and to get the results of Mondays CAT Scan. Usually she calls me the day after the test to give me the results which is always “no sign of cancer.” This time she didn’t, so I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. Was she waiting to give me the bad news in person? Finally, while I waited in her office, I decided I would deal with whatever she had to say. I had to stop worrying over things I cannot control.

All my doctors are part of a teaching hospital/medical center, so before my primary doctor comes in, a resident or medical student comes to see me. Today it was a friendly medical student. He asked me the typical questions about how I was doing and I answered them but kept thinking, what about my scan? He must have been reading my mind because all of a sudden with a huge smile, he said, “Your scan came back perfect!” I wanted to jump up and kiss him!

I can now wait a year for my next one, although I still see Dr. S. every three months along with a blood test.

I am one badass cancer survivor!


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