Farm Lot 59

Long Beach, California is becoming my favorite city to visit. I’ve lived in Southern California four years now and it wasn’t until this year that I discovered the fun things Long Beach has to offer. Today I went to Farm Lot 59. A farm in Long Beach? Who knew? Farm Lot 59 isn’t your typical farm, like the ones you see in rural areas. It sits on one acre of land, next door to Sunnyside Cemetery (I wrote about that place a few posts back). Farm Lot 59 is part of Long Beach Local, an agriculture based official 501(c)3 non-profit, focusing on training “young” farmers and educating residents about urban farming here in the city of Long Beach. Their mission is to: Develop and maintain farmland in an urban setting, to grow specialty crops, and offer the public fresh and healthy food choices, teach farming to the community and aid in the transformation of more urban farm land.

They have a small farmer’s market the second Sunday of the month and also offer classes like; making wreaths and how to pot and grow succulents. My friend Arlon, from Long Beach Unplugged, a local band, is the one who invited me. I forgot to take a picture of him performing but there is a Youtube video you can watch instead. I took lots of pictures of all the festivities including a tour of their farm. Walking around the straw and uneven dirt was a bit of a challenge with a walker but I made it (Like I always do!). Enjoy the pictures!Farm Lot 59 002

Farm Lot 59 037

Farm Lot 59 039

Local organic seeds for sale

Farm Lot 59 041

Do you have a favorite recipe you want to share? Add them to the recipe exchange or take one home to try.

Farm Lot 59 042

Cookbooks by local authors

Farm Lot 59 040

Stay a while and enjoy a fresh organic homemade breakfast/lunch or pastry

Farm Lot 59 003

Farm Lot 59 004

Farm Lot 59 045

The Ukulele club entertained the guests

Farm Lot 59 006


Matt Zipprich from Malibu Compost, taught me everything I need to know about composting my organic garden. Too bad I don’t get enough light on my patio to grow anything but succulents, but I enjoyed talking with him anyway. I was also surprised to learn that the dairy cows who graciously provide the ingredients for their organic compost live on 1000 acres of grassy land outside Modesto, California. These lucky cows actually get to roam around the property and many have been rescued from slaughter! How refreshing to know there are still farmers taking good care of their land and their livestock.

Matt also told me there is a way to find out the ingredients of foods on store shelves (even though major food companies refuse to be completely honest by labeling). Do you know about the buycott app?  It has everything you need to know about a food  product you are thinking of buying (Like if it contains GMOs). You can download it to your phone and use it right at the store.

Matt Z. with Malibu Compost

Matt Z. with Malibu Compost

Happy cows!

Happy cows!

Farm Lot 59 009

The succulents class

Farm Lot 59 017

Farm Lot 59 018

The Farm

Farm Lot 59 011

Farm Lot 59 012

Farm Lot 59 013

Farm Lot 59 015

Farm Tour

Farm Tour

Farm Lot 59 028

Farm Lot 59 029


Farm Lot 59 033

Farm Lot 59 034

Real “Free Range” Chickens providing fresh organic eggs

Farm Lot 59 020

Farm Lot 59 021

Farm Lot 59 023

Farm Lot 59 026

Farm Lot 59 031

Farm Lot 59 035


Arlon and his band Long Beach Long Beach Unplugged  were featured on CNN!


I found a video made by Savory Sweet Eclectic who provided breakfast and lunch at the market; it was made last year and gives you a good snapshot of what it s like to go.


It’s amazing that the owners of Farm Lot 59 were able to fit so much on just one acre of land. Now that’s using space wisely! Maybe you will be inspired to approach your city council to have a lot the public can use to grow food.

I had a great time wandering around the farm. It’s my dream to someday own my own piece of land and have a farm sanctuary. Today’s visit inspired me to pursue that dream.

Be Well and Be Happy!


1 thought on “Farm Lot 59

  1. Thank you for taking me to the Farmers Market in Long Beach. Blogging opens my space up to so many interesting new places and Farm Lot 59 is one of them. Also, grateful for the info on the Buycott App.

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