Alternative/Integrative Therapies Series Introduction


We Americans have been told since we were young that Western Medicine is the only way to get well, but across the pond, integrated and holistic medicines have been around for decades.  Over the last few years I have been reading about people who got well or managed their illnesses without taking toxic medications who live in the States. I am still learning about them, but feel I know enough now, to share what I learned (so far) with you. It is my intention to have a continuing series about alternative/integrative therapies that have been proven to work. There are hundreds of nut jobs and “snake oil” salesmen who lurk around the Internet, whose only interest is to take your money, but I have gotten better at weeding them out. The only time I will share a treatment with you is if I thoroughly vetted the information beforehand.

Knowledge is power and when you’re sick you feel powerless. Usually when we go to the doctor we do exactly what we are told. We give away too much of our power to them. How many of you were told something by your doctor that didn’t sound right but never asked questions?  The doctor I was seeing for six months before my cancer diagnosis, insisted I had hemorrhoids, it turned out to be cancer.  Do you still believe doctors know your body better than you because they went to medical school?  Do you know universities depend on grants to help keep their doors open? Do you know who those donors are? It’s pharmaceutical companies. The same guys who constantly peddle their latest drugs on television and print media.  You really can’t blame the schools, If big pharma paid your bills, are you going to question anything they say? Probably not.

I know too many people with medical conditions that can be controlled or healed just by changing their diet, but their doctors never give out that information. They just write prescriptions. I haven’t figured out if they don’t know there are safer, less toxic alternatives or if they like the status quo. I read that cancer is a huge money-maker for some hospitals. If cancers were all of a sudden cured, how would they stay in business?

A friend of mine smokes and has asthma. He recently had a serious lung infection, which I believe is directly related to his smoking. He is also at least one hundred pounds overweight. His health scare made him come to me for advice as to how he can change his lifestyle. His doctor never told him to stop smoking or lose weight. What did he do for my friend? He wrote him prescriptions. I was the one who told him to stop smoking and eat healthier. I knew his diet change would get him back to a healthier weight. I gave him easy plant-based recipes and shared ideas how to manage his cigarette cravings. He is back in his Judo class, has the support of his sensei and manages stress playing his guitar. In just one month, his asthma is better and he has more energy. I never went to medical school but I did spend hours and hours researching better ways to get and stay healthy without taking harmful drugs.  In my opinion, doctors who don’t tell their patients the truth; like their lifestyle habits are killing them, are at the very least unethical and borderline criminal.

My dad had a great doctor back in the 70s who told him every time he came for a visit to lose weight. My dad refused to listen and died at the age of fifty-three from heart disease (complications from diabetes), but at least his doctor told him what was up.  I know from visiting cancer patients that people can be stubborn, refusing to make changes that will save their life, but at least their doctors should give them that information. Some people need “tough love” to straighten their life out. I had to hear some things I didn’t like at the time but ended up following that person’s advice and came out better for it.

In the middle of my cancer treatment I experienced panic attacks. All I wanted was someone to talk to about my fears, but what I got was ten minutes with a psychiatrist who never asked me a single question, and wrote me prescriptions for three highly addictive anti-anxiety drugs and then sent me on my way. His waiting room was filled to capacity, with more people waiting outside. I’m certain their experience was the same as mine.  Whatever happened to the days of “talk therapy?” I threw away those prescriptions and found help from other cancer patients online instead.

Cancer is still treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  Back when I was diagnosed I went along with my doctors recommendations because their game plan made sense to me. I also knew that as soon as I could, I would find holistic ways to rebuild my immune system.  I was lucky my medical team was open-minded. They just wanted to know what I was doing so it wouldn’t interact with the conventional treatments. I don’t know what I would have done if they didn’t support my choices; I guess knowing me, I would have done it anyway.

Cancer taught me so many things, one of them being that it my responsibility to take charge of my health. I am responsible for what I put in my mouth. It’s up to me to make sure I get daily exercise. I meet too many who think they are victims of bad genes and continue eating quarter pound cheese burgers with bacon. Only three-percent of most cancers are genetic, the rest are environmental and lifestyle based. As for me, I am sure I got cancer from the processed foods I ate, the dairy laced with rBGH and too much stress.

Now, I eat a mostly organic plant-based diet, manage my stress with exercise, meditation and get plenty of sleep. The chemo and radiation has left me with some nasty side effects that I now call my “new normal.” I don’t know if I will ever get around without my walker but for now I am grateful to have it. It gives me my freedom and independence which is so important to me.

A few months I ran across a group, Integrated Health International; their mission statement is what caught my attention:

IHI is dedicated to sharing integrative solutions to the prevention, healing, and reversal of disease.

I like their website and have been listening to several of their online interviews. It’s a mix of holistic healthcare providers and cancer survivors.

To begin the series I want to share with you the email I received from IHI:

Below are two free movies worth watching this weekend.

Both of these movies address many of the issues which end up leading to disease, and also what changes can be made in lifestyle and diet to make a powerful difference for your health.

The first movie is: Hungry for Change. The second movie is: Food Matters.

When you go to this page, simply scroll down a little bit below where it says LIVE EVENT REPLAYS, you will see in the middle of the page where you can access both of these films free for the next 48 hours.

We would encourage you to take some time out of your busy weekend to make this a priority. They are both worth watching.

Wishing you an inspired and healthy weekend.

Nathan Crane & Jean Swann
Integrated Health International

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got more studying and organizing to do.

Be well and Be Happy!


2 thoughts on “Alternative/Integrative Therapies Series Introduction

  1. Some do survive on placebos. Choose them, but don’t stop your real treatment, because we don’t want to read bad news that were avoidable since the beginning. Most alternate stuff won’t worsen the problems, but don’t miss the treatment that actually has chances of curing you. I wish you well.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Untrained Warrior, however, I am finding too many personal stories from survivors who did so using alternative treatments. There is no correct treatment or protocol. It’s up to each patient. It’s the pharmaceutical companies who lead us to believe they alone have the answers. I recommend the book Radical Remission; you may find it interesting. If conventional treatment is right for you then its the right choice.

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