A Doggone Great Halloween Party !

My hubby works at a pet kennel and each year they have a Halloween party for dogs. The party was Saturday. Hoss, my Chihuahua went as a pirate, although he reused to wear the hat. He did allow the groomer to give him a “Jack Sparrow” hairdo though. About thirty dogs attended and even though we were in a small grassy area, everyone got along quite well. As far as I know, Hoss has never been around so many dogs (We adopted him when he was eight years old). He wasn’t sure what to think about all the excitement, until he discovered food scraps under the buffet table. That became the highlight of the party for him.

One of my favorite hobbies is taking photos, add critters to the mix and I’m in Heaven! Today I went to the “blessings of the animals” in Long Beach. I wanted to go for at least ten years, but always found out about it after the event. One of the pet parents told me about the Long Beach one at the Halloween party yesterday, so I made sure that I could go. I will share those photos with you tomorrow.

These are from the Halloween Party:


CR Halloween 004

Hoss getting "Jack Sparrow" makeup

Hoss getting “Jack Sparrow” makeup

My handsome pirate

My handsome pirate

CR Halloween 010

CR Halloween 022

CR Halloween 026

CR Halloween 030

CR Halloween 023

CR Halloween 031

CR Halloween 033

CR Halloween 037

CR Halloween 039

CR Halloween 041

CR Halloween 044

CR Halloween 046

CR Halloween 050

CR Halloween 053

CR Halloween 054



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