Your Body is Amazing: Treat it With Love!

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Have you ever thought about how amazing our bodies really are? We abuse ourselves with drugs, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and a myriad of assorted junk foods, and we still manage to get up in the morning and make it through the day. For example: If you are fifty-years old today, your heart has beaten one-billion, five-hundred, fifty-million times… and counting! You have taken twenty-one million, eight-hundred forty-thousand breaths since you were born… and counting! Our bodies never take a vacation. It functions 24/7.

Even with all torture and neglect we put it through, it keeps on ticking and does the best it can to keep us alive. Wouldn’t it be nice to treat our bodies with respect and feed it healthy foods, get plenty of rest, limit stress (most stress is brought on by our own thoughts) and limit (or eliminate) alcohol? If we need medications, do not abuse them and whenever possible seek alternatives; like a change in diet, exercise, meditation or herbs/supplements, acupuncture or massage. New studies find that most of us can eliminate or cut down on the amount of medications we take, if we are willing to change our lifestyle.

Our bodies are amazing. We only get one per visit in a lifetime. Why not give it the reverence it deserves?

Be well.


2 thoughts on “Your Body is Amazing: Treat it With Love!

  1. I agree. It is important to live life in a way that it uplifts you spiritually, emotionally and physically — a healthy mind, body and spirt improves the quality of our lives. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Hello Seasonedsistah, Its easy to forget that we are the whole package. Doctors forget that too, but they are figuring it out 🙂 For example so much of the food we eat has an emotional component. I know if I get upset, I crave sugar. Now I reach for a juice or piece of fruit. I also meditate on what is bothering me and see if I am blowing things out of proportion, which usually turns out to be true.

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