You Gotta Keep Showing Up

I wrote this back in April of this year and entered it in to the “Gutsy Story” contest. I got in and now it’s time for readers to vote. I am up against some talented, gutsy writers but I would be thrilled if I won. You can vote here… The publisher changed the title but I’m ok with that.
Be well!



A friend told me a while ago that my childhood experiences probably gave me the tooIs to deal with cancer. I have been giving her comment a lot of thought lately. Looking back, I can say my life journey (so far) as been one hell of a ride. I have no regrets.

There have been points in my life where I seemed to always be swimming against the tide. I rarely followed rules and still don’t.

My mother was an addict. Her drug of choice was codeine. Back in the 60s doctors wrote prescriptions (or maybe it was just our family doctor) anytime a patient asked for them. My mom ate codeine pills like they were candy and washed them down with good old-fashioned whisky. When I turned ten, she wanted me to join “the party.” I never liked the taste of alcohol so I pretended to go along, to keep from…

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