Guided Healing Meditation

I am always looking for good guided meditation videos. This one is a healing meditation from the DeePak Chopra Center. It’s from his 21 Day Meditation Series.

6 thoughts on “Guided Healing Meditation

  1. Thank you for sharing. I bookmarked and will definitely visit this website. For the past two years, I have used three of Oprah/Depaak 21-day online meditations. Currently, waiting for new 21-online program, which is scheduled to begin August 11.

    • Hello Kamina! No, I never heard of Tara Brach. Would you give me more information about her podcast to share with my readers? I am always looking for new resources and ideas and to connect with kindred spirits.

      • Well, I just found her one day on iTunes. I was able to use my podcast app on my phone and search for her name and her podcast came up there as well. I’m guessing whatever people use to listen to podcasts they can do a search for her name.

        I just did a general search and found she has a website with some of her meditations available there:

        I like her because she doesn’t just use meditation, she also talks about the psychology behind it and why each meditation is useful. She blends eastern spiritual practices with western psychology and the mix of the two creates something very special that I enjoy a lot.

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