Cannabis Oil as Treatment for Cancer (and other diseases)


There is a war going on between the pharmaceutical companies and alternative medicine. That includes the supplement industry. Big Pharma has been trying to get rid of the supplement industry for years. Now they are after alternative doctors and treatments. Why? They are taking some of their market share.

I am one of those persons who will turn to herbs and supplements instead of western medicine. Why? Because drugs always have harmful and sometimes deadly side effects. Several months ago my husbands coworker died from taking Ibuprofen for pain. He took several pills a day for two weeks and his heart couldn’t take it. He didn’t know he was literally killing himself. Did he know there were alternatives? Like acupuncture or cannabis? He was only trying to alleviate the symptoms but his doctor never looked in to the cause of his pain. That kind of treatment goes on in western medicine all the time. It’s easier for a doctor to write a prescription than investigate the root cause.

I am a perfect example. My cancer treatment was intense. I was slammed with chemo and radiation treatments. I only had two chemo treatments and I ended up with nerve damage. Can you imagine what would have happened if I had ten? I’m not complaining. My situation was dire. I didn’t have time to research alternative treatments. My cancer had traveled from my rear-end to my liver, we had no idea when or where its next stop would be. I was also bleeding out. I made the best decision for me. If my cancer was in its early stages I might have done alternative instead of the usual chemo/radiation. But who knows? I can’t go back in time.

I did add alternative treatments when I was lucid enough to make my own decisions. I used cannabis to control my nausea and make me hungry. I chose to eat cannabis cookies. They are legal in California but to be honest if it weren’t, I would have chosen cannabis anyway. Some laws need to be broken.

I ran across an interesting article about cannabis oil that I thought you might want to read. You will find it here.

If you have any stories about your experience with alternative treatments please leave a comment.

Be well,

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