“Time” A Poem by Joan Sharp

Salvador Dali "Melting Clock"

Salvador Dali “Melting Clock”

I go to a writing class once a week at the local senior center. I learn a great deal about writing techniques and as part of the class our teacher has us read our work out loud. The other day, one of my class mates, Joan who is a poet, read her poem about “time.” It resonated with me.

My cancer diagnosis “woke me up” and changed my whole perspective about life and one of the main things I became aware of is — time. I think about it often. I begin each day deciding how I want to spend it (it doesn’t always turn out as planned though).

We may each have different amounts of money in the bank, but something we all share equally is time. We all get twenty-four hours in a day. Before I got sick I used to postpone doing things (some may call it procrastinating) thinking I had oodles of time to get whatever I needed to do done. Cancer changed that way of thinking. It showed me how precious time is and nobody knows when “our” time will be up. Listening to Joan read her poem, I knew she understood. I enjoyed it so much, I asked her if she would share it with you and she agreed.



Any thoughts?


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