It’s National Cancer Survivors Day!


Who knew? Certainly not me, at least not until I went to my Twitter page this morning. June is also my personal cancer survivor’s day. This month I celebrate being cancer free for three years. How blessed and fortunate I feel.

I remember waiting in my oncologist’s office for the results of my first scan since I started treatment six months earlier. I was a wreck. When Doctor S. came in the room, I scanned her face to see what expression she had. She looked calm, but why wouldn’t she? She didn’t have cancer! Then she gave me a big smile and said, “Go live your life. Your scan is clear!”

I think that moment was the first time I felt I could breathe again. What great news and sooner than we expected. The plan had been to shrink the tumor and then take out the colon. The cancer was gone so my colon could stay. My colorectal surgeon agreed. If the cancer came back, then it would come out. I vowed right then, the cancer was never coming back. Not if I had anything to say about it.


So here I am three years later. Cancer free. I am certain my lifestyle change and food choices are what is keeping me healthy. No processed foods. No junk foods. I eat organic fresh (mostly raw) plant-based foods. I make fresh juice and drink green smoothies. I get plenty of rest. I work to keep my stress level to a minimum. I meditate. I exercise. I practice modified yoga. I speak up when necessary. I say “no” when necessary. But most of all I practice an attitude of gratitude.

Happy Cancer Survivor’s Day to all my Cancer Warriors!


3 thoughts on “It’s National Cancer Survivors Day!

  1. I admire the self-management tools that you have incorporated into you life. The food choices are still a work-in-progress, but I am practicing yoga, meditating, expressing gratitude, and always trying to have a positive attitude. Thank u for sharing.

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