Beware of False Prophets and Bullshitters


There is a lot of dis-information (and some serious bullshit) floating around the Internet. I was just sucked in to a post on Face Book that was linked to a blog post that claimed to get its information from John Hopkins Medical Center. The information validated my experience regarding my healing from cancer using alternative therapies; specifically diet and lifestyle change.

My emotions took over and I forgot Journalism 101. Cite your sources. I sent the author of the blog post a question, asking where they got their information and never got a response. I asked twice, in case they missed my comment. Still no response and they have communicated to ten other commenters. I know I am being ignored.

I did Google John Hopkins and cancer alternative therapy and Snopes came up. The email from Hopkins is a hoax. I won’t give the name of the blog who is passing on the disinformation because it is probably one of many.

I do want to stress how important it is for all of us to do our own research when we are given information, whether its cancer cures or side effects of medications. We need to be proactive.

I do my best to give accurate information to you but that doesn’t mean I am perfect, however I do list my sources. You are always welcome to challenge me if you think something doesn’t sound right. I will look at this as a good lesson and reminder that not everyone gives careful thought about their content before hitting the “send” button.

Be well!


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