Meditation and Science


I came across an article the other day you may find interesting about the benefits of meditation. There was a scientific study done that concluded that meditation definitely helps us be more “mindful” throughout our daily activities and adds to our quality of life.

I know from personal experience that when I meditate only twenty minutes a day, first thing in the morning, I remain calmer (even in chaotic situations); I am more focused and happier. If I miss even one day, my “monkey brain” takes over and I find myself fighting with it most of the day, not to mention I am more forgetful and my (self diagnosed) OCD kicks in, which drives everyone around me crazy.

If you need more convincing and think meditation is only for hippy-dippy chicks, read about it here.


3 thoughts on “Meditation and Science

  1. I’ve recently started practicing meditation. I’ve only worked up to about 15 minutes per session so far – it is hard! I am hoping that it will, eventually, help me with my cancer brain. (I can’t even blame it on chemo, since I’m not going that route!) In the mean time, I am enjoying the short period of time when I can just focus on my breathing. And refocus on my breathing. And refocus. And, ooh, shiny! refocus.

    • You are so right. I had trouble concentrating when I was going through my cancer treatment and sometimes I could do only five minutes, BUT I did five minutes! That was five minutes I could “just be.” Now I can do twenty but sometimes, I peek at the clock to see how much time I have left. That’s ok. It’s all about the practice.

  2. I’m trying. It isn’t easy to calm the mind and suspend thought after so many years of multi-tasking. I do love learning about the science behind the practice. Thank you for sharing.

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