Meditation Keeps My Emotions “in check”



Meditating has helped me in so many ways. The following story is just one example of how meditation keeps my emotions in check.

I went to the senior center yesterday (I know! I’m too young right!). Actually I attend a weekly writing class there and discovered a month ago there is a small gym located inside the building. It consists of three treadmills, four stationary bikes and one upper lateral pulldown body machine.

lat machine


When I arrived the pulldown machine was empty and two of the stationary bikes were being used. A woman stood next to one of the men riding a bike. I asked if anyone was using the pulldown machine. The woman ran over to it, sat down and told me she was. She started working out. I asked how much longer she would use it and she told me, “Twenty minutes.” (I have been a member of “real” gyms most of my life and the protocol is to share equipment). I asked her if we could share. She then “pretended” she didn’t speak English (I won’t say what ethnicity she was because I know someone will give me a hard time saying I’m stereotyping), but the guy she was talking to earlier, translated for me. All she said was, “I’m using it. You wait.”

I just stood there. I pictured myself walking over to her, picking her up by her ear and dragging her off the machine. I felt my temper rising. Then a voice told me to “walk away.”

I left the exercise room and a voice yelled from behind me, “Ten minutes!”

I left the senior center. I was not going to let this mess up my day. I was proud of myself. I know meditating helped me “nip my emotions in the bud.” I did not allow this woman’s behavior affect mine. Yes, negative emotions did show up, but I recognized them and let them go.



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