Colonoscopy is Not a Dirty Word

I was going to write about my colonoscopy experience yesterday but due to the “knock out” drug my colorectal surgeon (who performed the procedure) gave me, I was incoherent much of Thursday afternoon and evening.

If you are interested in reading about the days that led up to getting my “plumbing” checked out, you can read earlier posts here and here.

colonoscopyday 002

That’s me checking in with the receptionist.

I was in the waiting room only ten minutes when I was called in to go to the prep room. I was feeling upbeat and I didn’t feel too hungry. The Miralax prep I took the night before wasn’t nearly as bad as other people said it would be either. (It’s all about attitude!) I am glad I wore a bigger ostomy bag though, because I continued to drain through the night. If I had worn my regular bag, I would have started my day with a mess to clean up.

colonoscopyday 005

I’m ready for my close up Mr DeMille!

colonoscopyday 006

My doctor was going to chat with me before the procedure and I figured this would be a good position for him to find me in. John talked me out of it though. That orange light in the left hand corner of the picture is not some celestial being watching over me, it’s John’s thumb.


colonoscopyday 009

I’m back in the prep room. I started the procedure only slightly sedated but due to my “fidgeting” in the middle of the procedure, I was ‘knocked out.” I was told by the nurse, I kept trying to get off the table, which interfered with the doctor trying to look up my tush. I don’t remember much, except me telling him, ” Hey I feel that!” Can you imagine the look on people’s faces in the waiting room if I walked in with a hose hanging out my ass!

The contraption on my abdomen is what’s called a “wafer.” That’s what the ostomy bag is attached to. The red raspberry inside the wafer is my stoma. A stoma is part of my GI tract which is my new back door, if you get my drift.


colonoscopyday 011

Do I look stoned or what? That’s what my ostomy bag ‘aka colostomy bag’  looks like. I don’t know if I would have exposed myself to you like this if I wasn’t stoned…but what the heck, I did.

Wearing an ostomy bag is really not that bad. It’s all about attitude!

Oh, I almost forgot… my GI tract is in perfect condition! My next colonoscopy will be in three years.

Be well!


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