Colonoscopy Prep Day is Here!


Today is the day (most people) dread. I’m prepping for the colonoscopy procedure. I must admit, listening to stories from others and experiencing one myself, I could get all freaked out … but I decided to change my thinking.

The way I choose to experience it, is to think of it as a chance to get rid of any hidden toxins that have been living in my intestines. I will flush the bad stuff out…start with a “clean slate” and add good stuff (healthy greens, and  supplements). I’m even considering doing a one day fast, once a month, the day before the new moon. The new moon would symbolically serve as a reminder that there is always a chance for a fresh start.


(11 a.m.) I started juicing veggies. I made a carrot juice mix but I decided against drinking it today, since my written instructions said not to drink anything red or purple. I know carrots are orange but why take the chance messing up the procedure? So I am saving the carrot, celery, apple juice mix for after the colonoscopy. I will bring it along to the hospital.  I am aware that fresh juice loses its nutrients the longer I wait to drink it, so I will add some Green Super Food  to kick it up a notch.


I did make another juice… using just celery and apples. I’m also drinking spring water and sipping on vegetable broth.


Then I made the magic concoction that will make my colon so pretty, the doctor might take a picture of it to show his students what a healthy colon should look like (I am going to a teaching hospital). It could happen. Anyway… I can dream right?


(1 p.m.)  I took out the special bag that I will wear during the cleaning process. I laid out my regular colostomy bag beside the “fecal collector” ( seriously… that’s what  it’s called)  so you can see how different they are in size. The bag on the bottom is 7 inches. That’s the bag I wear daily. The one on the top is 15 inches. If I didn’t have the fecal collector, I probably would be dealing with an awful mess because my regular bag would have broken (over and over).


(2:30 p.m.) I did some walking around my complex, meditated, watched some funny shows on television (Workaholics …Those idiots are so funny!) And I did some yoga poses. I feel great. My stomach seems to be happier today. Last night it was upset that I didn’t feed it dinner or late snacks. It seems to be cooperating today.

**** I got this! It’s all about attitude and mine is A-ok!

My stomach starting talking to me around 3 o’clock. “Feed me! Enough with the vegetable broth.”  I ignored it and drank another fresh juice.

(6:10 p.m.) Drank my first glass of Miralax and lemonade. It tastes good! I’m using a straw though so the only thing I need to be careful of is “brain freeze.” The mixture has been refrigerated for a few hours already.

(6:55 p.m.) Just drank my third glass… felt some rumbling around my stoma.

(7 p.m.) My brain is telling my colon to use the toilet the old-fashioned way (pre-ostomy). It feels weird. I sat on the toilet… just in case. False alarm.

(7:10 p.m.) Got glass number four down. I’m feeling full. How many glasses do I have to drink???

(7:15 p.m.) I am craving something salty. Pretzels would do the job to offset the super-sweet taste in my mouth.

(7:45 p.m.) Feels like I’m having labor pains.  Breathe in. Breathe out. Ok… we have lift off! Glad I have a bigger bag!

(8:10 p.m.) I won’t be drinking lemonade anytime soon. The upside is — I’m not stuck sitting on the toilet.  Glass number six is down.

(8:45p.m.) My sinuses seem to be draining and I’m sneezing a lot.

(9:20 p.m.) My output is clear. Success! And it only took six glasses. This time wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time. It is easier with a bag than the normal way. The cramping was minor. I made it through the worst part! I’m ready for tomorrow.

Be well!









4 thoughts on “Colonoscopy Prep Day is Here!

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  2. I have a colostomy bag also. Having colonoscopy Nov. 8. So you drink the stuff the night before and you go in the morning. Did you have to change your bag or was it big enough.

    • You need a larger bag. Ask your nurse to get you at least two of them. The bag you need is twice the size. You’ll have to change the bigger one too but it won’t break, the smaller one will. Order it ASAP because the nurse might not do it right away. I had to demand it because my nurse didn’t take me seriously. I threatened to sit in her waiting room if she didn’t. LOL!

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