Getting Ready For My Colonoscopy


This Thursday morning I go in for a colonoscopy. It’s been a little over three years since my last one, which was done to find out why I was bleeding from my butt.  Back then the doctors found cancer in my rectum. (I had a PetScan a few weeks ago that came back clear so I am sure this will be clear too). This screening is just part of my new routine exam. This time will be different though because I now have a colostomy bag. My prepping will be different.  The first time I was an inpatient and the bathroom was too far from my bed. I never made it to the toilet in time so I was given diapers to wear. (I understand why babies cry when their diapers are full… it’s uncomfortable to say the least).

I read a lot of comments on the Internet from people who had colonoscopies. I know it isn’t fun but it isn’t that bad. At least this time I will be in my own home and I (hopefully) will have more control.

I’m starting my prep two days early but the only change I’m doing today is changing my diet. I ate my usual breakfast (raw almond butter on sprouted, raisin toast and coffee with soy cream and raw sugar). I’m eating lightly steamed cauliflower and broccoli dipped in hummus for lunch.

stuffforsale 006 After that its green smoothies and spring water for the rest of  today.

I plan to lay low and read, meditate and do gentle yoga stretches… and of course get my walking in.

Tomorrow I will talk about getting my supplies together (along with photos)  and my experience with fasting. The last time I fasted was three years ago because doctors wouldn’t let me eat anything until they knew what was wrong with me and they had a solid game-plan.

Be well!


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