Scan #5 “All Clear – No Sign of Disease!”

uci scan 009

This morning I had my fifth scan at UCI Medical Center. I always get a bit nervous a few days before the test, so this time instead of dwelling on it too much, I took that time to spend on “me.” I meditated. I ate raw organic foods. I stayed away from too much news programming (I checked in first thing in the morning to see if anything was going on that could affect my immediate life. There wasn’t. It was the same old propaganda bullshit) so I turned my living space in to a mini ashram.

I even did some Hare Krishna chanting! (There are videos on YouTube that have ten hours of it. Thirty minutes were my limit.) I read my book about cancer survivors. I just got a new one from Amazon, “Radical Remission.” As soon, as I finish it I will write a separate post about it. I visualized myself as healthy. I wrote in my journal and I spent time outdoors. I live in a condominium complex which has  lots of trees and birds that entertain me with their chirping. I enjoy living here so much.

I ate an early dinner the night before. The rule is “no food after midnight,” but I always stop earlier than that. I am not supposed to eat anything sugary twenty-four hours before the test. Sugar can give a “false positive.” It can interfere with the radioactive tracer whose job it is to find tumors or cancer and light up the area to show where they are hiding.


uci scan 004

I will keep my port five years. It was surgically implanted to be used for my chemo treatments. But it can be used for all kinds of things; drawing blood and injections (today it will give access to the radioactive tracer). My port looks like a large bump under my skin but today a nurse put what feels like a thumbtack into the bump. The thumbtack is attached to a syringe. Today I decided it looked like a hookah pipe and took imaginary puffs. I have to entertain myself with something in the waiting room don’t I?.

I went to bed early the night before. My scan was scheduled for ten o’clock but I needed to check in with infusion an hour before to get my port set up so the radiology technician could use it to inject me with… radioactive stuff that is stored in a lead container. I will be radioactive for at least twelve hours after I am injected. Sure wish I knew someone who has a Geiger counter, that would be trippy to hear my body set it off. Can you tell by the picture below my “happy pill” has taken effect?

uci scan 013

I am claustrophobic. I have to lie inside a narrow machine (like the one in picture the top of the post) for twenty minutes and I cannot move an inch. That sounds simple enough except for people like me who hate being in confined spaces. So I take a “happy pill” thirty minutes before “show time.” That tiny pill makes everyone’s day go smoother because when Inge is happy, so is everyone else. If Inge is in panic mode, everybody suffers. Thank god for mind altering drugs!

I was at the hospital for a total of three hours and since I did not eat breakfast I rewarded myself with a bran muffin from the onsite food cart. Then as soon as I got back home, I took a three hour nap. My oncologist left me a message while I was asleep. She already got the results of the scan. “No sign of cancer. Keep doing what your doing.” That was music to my ears!

I am two months away from being three years cancer free! I am a perfect example that stage 1,2,3, or 4 are only numbers. A cancer diagnosis is not what it used to be. Science has come a long way AND we now understand that diet and lifestyle are major players when it comes to health and healing. Restoring ones body to health (balance) requires not just fixing the symptoms of a diseased body (cancer) but getting to the root cause.

Be Well!


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