Breathe In – Breathe Out, Or Something Like That


I am reading Eat Pray Love. I just finished the part where the author, Liz spent four months “eating her way” through Italy. To be honest, I wasn’t too interested in that section but now she is in India, living in an ashram. I am fascinated by that idea. I’ve only read a few pages of this section, but so far she spends a good deal of time writing about her struggles with meditating, a subject I am all too familiar with.  She wants to train her “monkey mind.” I wrote about attempting to control my mind in an earlier post. I came across a quote in Liz’s book that I will paraphrase. “Our emotions are slaves to our thoughts and we are slaves to our emotions.”

I figured this quote would be good to contemplate when I meditated this morning. This is how my inner dialogue went:

Me:  Emotions are a result of thoughts. That makes so much sense! But I already knew that. I know I create my own reality by the thoughts I choose to think.

Mind: You can’t run anymore. You can’t even walk fast, even with that dumb walker of yours.

Me: I am grateful to have that walker. It helps me get around outdoors.

Mind: You look goofy when you walk without the walker, like when you are in a store.

Me: Breathe in. Breathe out. I want to stay on topic. My thoughts create my emotions. Think good thoughts. I am grateful for this beautiful day.

Mind: If a tiger were chasing you, your new name would be “lunch.”

Me: There are no tigers running loose in Anaheim. Breathe in. Breathe out. I know, I’ll try chanting Om Na Ma Shiva. I release all thoughts about anything I don’t want to think.

Mind: Actually being eaten by a tiger isn’t a bad thing. It’s the cycle of life. I read that in one of my Buddhist books. Not being eaten by a tiger though. It was about a cloud being in a scoop of ice cream, or something like that.

Me: This is ridiculous. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Mind: Everything is interconnected. Tigers. You. Clouds. Ice cream. It’s like this. You are eaten by a tiger. The tiger poops you out. The poop fertilizes the earth. Flowers or grass or maybe a tree grows in that same spot. Maybe a cow comes along and eats the grass, which, if the tiger pooped in that grass would contained your dna. The farmer milks the cow whose milk is then sold to Sprouts grocery store, where a customer buys it. Your dna, no matter how minute, becomes part of the person who drinks the milk, and so on and so on. The cycle of life.

That’s how today’s morning meditation went. I can’t wait for tonight’s!



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