What’s Up Your Ass?


It’s March and that means it’s colorectal awareness month. How many of you are “aware” of what’s going on with your bum? Do you do your business and get on with your day? Do you bring reading material for the long haul? Do you text? Are you  disconnected from what’s happening “down there” while you sit on the toilet?

Talking about our butts isn’t considered “polite” conversation in most circles, so I want to write about here. If you aren’t aware of my personal story with rectal cancer, I will give you a brief summary.

For years I was plagued with bouts of constipation and diarrhea. I had terrible gas. I saw different doctors  and was either told to change my diet, like stop eating dairy, or that I was under stress.  Then I was told I had hemorrhoids.

A year before I was officially diagnosed with rectal cancer my stool looked like ribbons; there was blood in the toilet every time I used the bathroom, and finally the blood contained lots of mucus.

Do you pay attention to what your poop looks like? Has it changed the way it comes out lately? See your doctor.  Is there blood in the toilet when you poop? See your doctor. Does your poop look black? See your doctor. Are you over the age of fifty? Schedule a colonoscopy.  Does colon cancer run in your family? Get a colonoscopy, even if you are under the age of fifty. My son got one when he was thirty-two and they found a benign polyp.

Don’t wait. Put it on your to do list.

And now some bathroom humor…


Be well!


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