I Unplug to Stay Sane


I don’t text. I don’t own an IPAD, IPhone, Blackberry. My cell phone is five years old. It’s a flip phone. Nothing fancy on it. It makes calls and that’s all I need it for. If I want to take pictures, I have a great digital camera that I bought seven years ago. I enjoy reading…books…and not from a Kindle. Hubby and I share a laptop and the one cell phone I just mentioned. Our television is a flat screen but it’s a 36 inch.

In order for me to stay sane, I choose to live simply. Having all these gadgets like many of my friends do, stresses me out. I don’t see them as entertainment. I see them as distractions. I would rather spend my time looking up at the sky or listening to the birds chirping outside.

I gave my cell number to my email account the other day. It convinced me that I needed to because it would add extra protection to my account. A few minutes later I kept getting a buzzing noise from my cell phone. The text envelope icon was lit up (I can receive texts on my cell, but I choose to delete them and not respond) then another one and another one showed up. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I opened one of them up to see who was texting me.

Apparently I also gave my email account permission to send me a text every time I got a new email. Forget that! My email account doesn’t need extra protection if it means having to hear my cell phone buzz every few minutes. I deleted my cell number from my email account. I don’t know how others can stand their cell phones beeping or buzzing constantly. I need my “me time” and that means unplugging from the world.

The days go by so quickly and before I know it another year has gone. Time is the biggest luxury I have and I want to use it wisely.

photo credit: maria rizell hegg

photo credit: maria rizell hegg

Zen practice reminds me to live simply and since I am prone to think that way anyway it isn’t hard. I will admit the Internet has given me the opportunity to find like-minded people who I would never had the chance to meet in person. Social media made it possible for me to read other blogs about Buddhism, and I have connected with other cancer survivors. So, I am not anti-tech… I guess I am anti-too much tech stuff.



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