Interviewed by Mr. Cui — the “Larry King” of China

larry king

One never knows what’s just around the corner when it comes to this fantastic journey called “life”. If you told me five years ago I would be interviewed by a famous news person from China, I would have laughed at you.

Mr. Cui

Today I was one of three women interviewed by celebrity CCTV anchor, Cui Yongyuan.  Mr. Cui is considered to be the “Larry King” of China and has millions of viewers tune in to his shows. He is from Beijing and came to the United States to find out what regular Americans think about genetically modified foods (GMOs). From what I understand American pharmaceutical and pesticide companies have been weaving quite a web of deceit to Beijing officials. They are working on getting their foot in the door with their GMO products and are not in favor of telling their public about it, via labeling laws. China currently does label GMO ingredients and has recently refused the import of  GMO corn grown in the United States — but that doesn’t mean these corporations are working to change their minds.

The pharmaceutical companies are claiming that Americans have been eating genetically modified foods for at least twenty years and have no health problems as a result. So, Mr. Cui decided to come to the U.S. to see for himself.

We were chosen because of our activism and efforts to raise awareness about the effects of GMOs on our health. If you spend any amount of time with me, the subject of GMOs always comes up — by me. If I hadn’t eaten a steady diet (without my knowledge) of those toxic foods, I probably wouldn’t have to poop in a bag or use a walker to get around. I would not have gotten cancer. I have done hours of research about this subject and I know I am right and I am not the only one.

Am I angry about these companies throwing their weight around, spinning lies and paying off our politicians in order to increase their bottom line? Your damn right! We are told we live in a free market — but in order for that to work like its intended, we must be able to make an informed decision about our purchases.  My bottom line is that I have a right to know what I am eating.

Zen and Kathleen started Moms Across America after Prop 37, the “California Right to Know” initiative lost. We teamed up a few times in the past, marching in local parades and handing out flyers — getting the word out about GMOs to the unsuspecting public. I was honored to be among such strong women today. They have children with severe health issues linked to GMOs and after changing their families’ diets to fresh organic, those problems are almost gone. They know as well as me what’s hiding in our food and it’s making us sick.

Zen, Kathleen and myself are examples of what regular people can do when it comes to changing the world — you never know whose eye you’ll catch. It might be a celebrity news anchor from across the globe.

Peace and Good Health!


10 thoughts on “Interviewed by Mr. Cui — the “Larry King” of China

  1. The rumor has it that you were interviewed by Mr. Cui at a supermarket as a “regular customer”. I would appreciate if you could clarify this issue. Thank you!

    • Hello Chris,

      I am thrilled that Mr. Cui’s video has aired. I am hoping to get a copy of his program about GMOs. I was interviewed by him at a friends home. I am the woman standing in the picture dressed in black. I am guessing there is a woman in his video that was interviewed in a supermarket, but that is not me.

      I am convinced that I got cancer after eating a steady of GMO foods for 8 years. I went through 2 treatments of chemotherapy, had a blood transfusion (because I lost 40% of my blood when I first arrived at emergency room) and got 30 radiation treatments. I also stopped eating all processed foods, dairy and meat. I am vegan. I eat only organic fresh fruits and vegetables. If I cannot find organic I either 1. don’t buy the produce 2. only buy produce that an be peeled and wash thoroughly before eating.

      Ever since I got well, I am outspoken about what GMOs are doing to our health and I point out that our American government is allowing it to happen because the corporations give our politicians money, they also make laws about our food.

      I write for another political blog… here are links to posts I wrote about Monsanto, our government and the food industry…

      I will be making some videos in the near future about this topic.

      Be well

  2. Thank you, Inge. My concern is that in China, you are being misrepresented by the pro-GMO camp as a person who was paid by Mr. Cui to lie about her cancer experience. They insist that you are the same person in the video who said that her cancer was gone after she kept eating organic food for some months. I am disappointed that some individuals or forces would attack you like that simply for their pro-GMO agenda.

    • Chris, I am not surprised that the Pro-GMO gang will try to discredit me or anyone else when it comes to selling their poison. They stand to lose billions of dollars if they can’t find customers to buy it. Monsanto poisoned our war veterans in Viet Nam with their Agent Orange. Now they are making us sick with their gmos. If their GMOs are so wonderful, they should voluntarily label their foods as “fortified with GMOs.”

      • I feel the same way. I expected them to label, voluntarily–and proudly, if they need to feel so,– their GMO foods, However, they chose not to. Instead, they maliciously attacked you. That is too low.

    • Thank you Jack but I wasn’t able to load the video. It doesn’t matter, I would like to have interviewed Linda for my blog though. Maybe in the future I will get the chance. I want the focus to stay on GMOs and how corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta will stop at nothing to sell their tainted foods to the unsuspecting public. France decided this week to not allow the planting of GMOs in their country. If there was nothing wrong with their products then why are countries banning them? Monsanto and their paid scientists can make up stories, bully and discredit as much as they want. They are losing the battle.

    • That interview at a supermarket is only a part of a documentary made by Mr. Cui. This documentary as posted does not include all interviews he did during his visit to the United States. Some interviews may be publicized on other occasions.

  3. Any reasonable person would be able to tell that you are NOT the same person in that video.. The pro-GMO gang wants to discredit Mr. Cui by discrediting you. They have gone too far this time.

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