“My Fight With Rectal Cancer”


I follow a blog called My Fight With Rectal Cancer. The blogger (Dan) is just like me, except he’s a ‘he’… and he is 25 years younger than me … ok, we aren’t exactly the same, but we both got colostomy bags as our ‘parting gift’. And his story is really not that different from mine, when it comes to his fears and concerns. I am over the age of… well, let’s just say I am a few years older than Dan. I am at the age where a colonoscopy is usually prescribed, but Dan is too young to be dealing with this crap!

Who knows why Dan had to go through what he did and all that doesn’t really matter now anyway. What does matter is his positive attitude and how he came to terms with it. He is an inspiration to others especially to those in his age group. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.

There is a vast amount of statistics and bad news floating around the Internet and its refreshing to see someone take the time to share their very intimate and personal story like he does, especially coming from a male perspective. The media likes to portray males as “unable to express their fears.” Dan blows that dumb theory out-of-the-water.

We hear a lot about breast cancer but not much about butts. Having rectal cancer increased my sense of humor and I am betting it was the same with Dan.

Did I mention he is a new member of the Survivors of Cancer club? That is a BIG DEAL.

Dan wrote a letter to cancer that I want to share with you (with his permission) that, in my opinion expresses my sentiments exactly.

Dear cancer,
You have came into my life and brought me down and even picked me up. You’ve brought out the worst of me and found the best in me. You are like an evil girlfriend that no one wants. So why you may think you could take over my life I proved otherwise. I overcame everything you threw at me. You tried to make me weaker but I became stronger. You tried to make take my confidence away but it came back stronger than ever. I’d write you more but I don’t think you deserve it.

If you or someone you know is fighting cancer  — make a copy of his words and tape it to a place that you will see often to keep you inspired to  kick cancer’s ass.

Peace and Strength!


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