I am 100% Responsible — Period.


Lately I have been reading books, finding quotes on-line  and watching videos that seem to coincidentally (or is it Kismet?) contain the same quote — “We are 100% responsible for own actions.”

I have been giving that topic quite a bit of thought. Those words are pretty loaded if you think about it, especially in a time when our society (and politicians) like to point fingers at someone else for the problems we get in to.

For example, let’s take our health. Better yet — my health. I am 100% responsible for keeping myself as healthy as possible. I am now cancer free and it is my responsibility to do everything I can to stay that way.

Now that I am well, it is up to me to make choices that are good for me. My body is my temple and it’s up to me to treat it as such. That means no junk food…no matter how tempting it may be and lets face it, some junk foods taste good… its done on purpose by the food manufactures to make us come back for more. But it is completely up to me to say “no” and choose to eat something healthy.


I am 100% responsible to make sure I get enough rest. If my body feels tired or sick, I need to rest. If I feel sleepy, I need to take a short nap.

I am 100% responsible to make sure I do not over do it and take on too many obligations. It is my responsibility to say “no” when I don’t want to do something.

It is my responsibility to stand up for myself, if the occasion arises. People do not “do things to me”, unless I allow them. I am a willing participant if I allow myself to get sucked into their drama. I can walk away any time I want.

I am 100% responsible for my own feelings. There are times, it’s better to be quiet and not argue with someone who is intent on having a “flame war.”  It’s always better to have peace than to be right in an argument. Too many arguments come from our egos and that’s never a good thing. Holding on to anger can do a number on the immune system and when my immune system is out of whack…bad things happen to my health and who needs that?

I am 100% responsible to make sure my body gets enough exercise. I have limited mobility but I can still go for walks and lift light weights. I can do modified yoga. I can meditate. It is my responsibility to make sure my body, mind and spirit are in balance.


It is my responsibility to nourish myself with uplifting, positive books, videos and television programs.

Yes, I am 100% responsible for my own health. I will do everything I can to make informed choices about what I eat, drink and how I spend my day. I am responsible for the thoughts that pop in to my head. I can choose to spend time with them or let them go. If I screw up I can learn from my mistake — like getting a stomach ache after eating something that was bad for me. I can keep moving forward and do better. Its my choice.

Peace and Healthy Choices


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