Time to Detox My Innards

Today I started a 30 day cleanse. I still have my skin problems (eczema on my face and psoriasis on my legs). I am determined to heal my skin (body). I know my body is talking to me and I intend to figure out what it needs.

I did some more reading on the Internet and one theory is that its my immune system. I know how important it is to keep my immune system happy so I will detox my liver and kidneys. Its been over two years since my last chemo treatment but who knows how long it can take to get the poisons (and chemo is definitely poison) out of my system? Maybe my liver and kidneys are on overload and the excess poisons are showing up on my skin.


I bought Garden of Life Raw Organic Green Super Food at Sprouts yesterday. I got lucky because they were having their 25% off sale on healthcare items.

I will keep you updated on my progress…

Peace and Health!


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