Burning Man Wanna Be


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I LOVE wearing costumes and if I could I would wear a different one everyday. The annual Burning Man event just finished a month ago and from what I understand, viewing the pictures and videos, its a week long Halloween extravaganza.  Many videos are now being uploaded to YouTube, documenting the different experiences of the week long celebration. For those of you who don’t know what Burning Man is about, I included a video that I particularly enjoyed to give you an idea.

Actually this video is pretty tame as far as omitting the nudity…yes…there is nudity. From what I understand, people from all walks of life come together to spend a week exploring their wild “child”, unplugging from the “rat race” that has become the norm for so many of us… to run naked (if they are so inclined), paint their bodies, build shrines (and then burn them to the ground), play music; you can even get married! — and take part in a temporary community, based on radical self expression, which does not revolve around the exchange of money. If you want something, you have to trade for it.

Everyone is required to be self sufficient, although there are medical stations if someone gets sick. Dehydration seems to be the biggest complaint. The event is held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, during the last days of summer. Since it is the desert, its hot in the day and cold at night…not to mention… windy.


I love the whole concept. I can see myself riding my bike on the playa. I can see myself wearing crazy costumes…maybe painting my body… exposing certain body parts (painted of course), howling at the stars, dancing and just having fun…BUT I am not crazy about camping in the desert (or anywhere outdoors for that matter), that has no running water, or using porta-potties (along with 68,000 humans).

The event page includes a survival guide. Topping the list of must haves are: 2 gallons (per person) bottled water, per day; food;  first aid kit, warm clothes, goggles (for dust storms), ear plugs and so on… you can read more here.

There are some party-goers who show up in motor homes and I could do that, but I am guessing its out of my budget. Then there is that darned wind that comes up out of nowhere. I don’t like wind and now that I have an issue with my balance, it becomes a safety issue. I fall over if a gust of wind is too strong. I also have trouble walking in sand. I could ride a bike to get around, but where would I put my walker? Then there is my colostomy to deal with. I guess I could eat completely raw for the week, but I am a creature of habit… I like my coffee and toast in the morning.

Maybe, I will write the promoters and suggest a weekend Burning Man for those of us who can’t commit to a full week. Or make it a street fair in some remote place where we can come for the day and still participate in similar activities, but on a smaller scale.

Click here to get another person’s perspective, who thinks Burning Man is a social experiment.

Meanwhile, I will be content enjoying the photos of those brave enough to endure the elements and dress myself up as a Burning Man “wanna-be” for Halloween this year.

Be well Free Spirits!


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