I had my scheduled CT scan last week and the results are back. NO SIGN OF CANCER! The doctors gave me a 10% survival rate 2 1/2 years ago and I am living proof that numbers can be wrong. I also took control of my health care, meaning I researched and did more research on the Internet. Because my window of opportunity was closing… meaning the difference between treatment and hospice, I chose conventional, BUT I wanted to include alternative/complementary treatments. I knew I was in for the fight of my life (literally!)  and my immune system would be shot, So…

The first thing I did was find other survivors and ask them what they did to get well and stay that way. The one thing they ALL had in common… they changed their diets. No  junk food… No processed food…. At least 60% fresh veggies and fruits… They juiced… They drank green smoothies… They meditated…They exercised (walking, yoga, non strenuous stuff)… They ate organic as much as possible.

Eating and living vegan works for me, but for some it may be too drastic. So for them, I suggest at least 60% veggies and fruits, organic chicken, no dairy, no sugar and definitely NO GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANYTHING!

Eating GMO foods got me in that mess in the first place.

THE KEY IS TO KEEP YOUR BODY ALKALINE. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. Americans eat way too much meat and dairy. Meat/Dairy = acid. Acid causes inflammation and that leads to disease, including cancers.


GMOs cause cancer in rats, as well as a myriad of other diseases. I ate GMO foods for 8 years and within a few months of eating a steady diet of them, I got gastro-intestinal problems that eventually became cancer. At the time, I never heard of a GMO, but almost a year into my research (after I was diagnosed), that name kept popping up.

If you want to know more about GMOs, this website has everything you need to know. I also list my favorite NON-GMO foods and supplements… just click the menu in the header above.



1 thought on “NO SIGN OF CANCER!

  1. Congratulations! You are truly blessed…I share your joy and success for winning the fight against cancer. May you prosper in all your endeavors and everything else you venture on doing. Peace love and Blessings!!!

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