The Benefits of Blenderized/Juicing Veggies


I just drank my green smoothie. I don’t own a fancy $500 Vitamix, my $100 Black and Decker blender works just fine. A friend recently asked me why I prefer to blenderize my veggies, instead of just eating a big salad. Well, the answer is — I do both, but blending veggies in either a juicer or blender ensures I get the biggest bang for my buck; nutrition wise, that is.

Most of us are not aware that we suffer from malnutrition, even those who eat fresh veggies and fruits. The problem is we are in a hurry and gulp down our food. How many of us actually chew our food until its mush? Does anyone take the time to do that? How many of us eat in front of a computer monitor or television? Are we even aware of how our food tastes? I mean, how many of us do “mindful” eating?

I am guilty of not chewing my food properly. I eat in front of the television. I am even guilty of eating over the sink. I am working on “mindful” eating though, but it is a process. I get easily distracted and the next thing I know, I swallowed after chewing maybe three times.

We have stomach acids that are supposed to break down foods in our intestines, but  its harder for stomach acid to break down large pieces of foods compared to those turned into mush. You will achieve that either by chewing, juicing or blenderizing foods. From the research I have done, we get sick because our immune systems break down and they break down faster from malnutrition. Its harder for someone with malnutrition to tolerate medicines, like chemo, which suppresses our immune system further…it becomes a vicious cycle.

So, in my opinion the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy gut — where 50% of our immune system is located — is to juice or blenderize our foods.

There are some who believe juicing is the only way to get the maximum benefit, but I think if you blend the veggies/fruit well enough, you will achieve your goal. The only difference I see is, we don’t get fiber from juicing and drinking veggies from a blender gives us fiber.

Another reason we suffer from malnutrition is, many of us take antacids which neutralize stomach acids. Many of us take them and eat them like candy because we suffer from acid indigestion or as some call — acid reflex. Antacids just make that problem worse. Our bodies need acid to break down foods and antacids kill off the stomach acids which make our bodies produce more… and the vicious cycle continues.

I met several women who stopped taking antacids and cured their problem with baking soda. They also changed their diet and stopped eating foods that produced acid in the first place…like eating less meat. If you want to read more about the benefits of baking soda to relieve heart burn, click here. Of course, if your problem persists, its a good idea to see a healthcare professional.

Apple cider vinegar is another way I heard to get relief. You can read more about that remedy here. I think Bragg apple cider vinegar is the best. They are on my GMO free list… you can find it in the menu above.

Have A Happy Healthy Day!


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