Living Vegan in a Carnivore World


Some days being a vegan is difficult and being a GMO free vegan is extra hard. I have been online for hours looking for a vegan GMO free vitamin D3… and I finally found one! I understand how others give up and return to their old eating habits. I live in a carnivore – GMO saturated – fast food world. When I go to events that provide food and I see, for example, salsa and chips with avocado dip and I say to myself, “what’s wrong with taking one bite? What can it hurt?” and then when I load it on my plate and try to take a bite, that chip with avocado dip and salsa grows to the size of something you see at a Macy’s parade, and I just couldn’t do it.

A few months ago a I saw a vegan pizza delivery car. I was so excited! I love pizza and to be able to eat a vegan cheese pizza sounded great… so I wrote down the name… got the address and stopped in the store. I was hoping to take a menu home when it popped in my head to ask… “are they GMO free?”  The owner confessed they were not. Bummer.

Yes, there are days that being vegan is hard but I just can’t go back to eating the way I did before I was sick. So, I do my research, even if it takes hours and I eventually do find a vegan, GMO free alternative to whatever I want to eat or ingest via a supplement. I just have to be tenacious.


Today I found a vitamin company that makes vegan vitamin D3 … it really is, inside and out. So I ordered a bottle from the online store Vitacost.  The vitamin company is MRM. I bought a bottle of D3  5,000 IU (60) and out the door it cost me $20.00. That’s a bargain in my world.

Be Happy and Healthy,


6 thoughts on “Living Vegan in a Carnivore World

    • sorry for the delayed reply. I took a break from my laptop a couple of days. My vitamins arrived yesterday. I copied this from the email confirmation they sent me… MRM Vegan Vitamin D3 — 5000 IU – 60 Vegan Capsules 1 $15.59
      Item No: MRM 2231062
      Hope this helps, if not let me know.
      Peace out !

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