The Heart Sutra Buddhist Chanting (English)

I am not one for chanting. I went to a Nichiren Buddhist temple in San Francisco years ago, and the group chanted “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo”. I just didn’t resonate with it and got the “giggles”. I had to leave. For them, it was chanting — to me they sounded like buzzing bees.

I do much better with Zazen meditation. I enjoy the quiet or at least I try to… my mind is the only one chattering endlessly… most of the time I contemplate a thought and let it go. It helps me to practice living in the “now.” Which is all we really have… the past is gone and who knows what the future brings… we can only control so much.

Actually, we have very little control, so the best we can do, is make the best choices we can at any given moment and hope for the best. Which is why I enjoy Zazen meditation. It helps clear my mind and when I need to make a decision, hopefully I respond with mindfulness and not a “knee jerk” reaction.

I did, however, attend the Zen Center on Page street in San Francisco. I went there about once a month to attend Zazen. At the end of the sitting they always recited the Heart Sutra, which I did resonate with. I now live to far from The City and miss going there and reciting that sutra. How wonderful we now have the Internet and YouTube! … I found the Heart Sutra on video and would like to share it with you. Click the link in the description below the video and you can follow along if you like.


1 thought on “The Heart Sutra Buddhist Chanting (English)

  1. I liked the “heart sutra” chanting, ‘the nam yo ho renge kyo’ balogna not so much just like you detested it -..kewl beans!

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