I May be a Bohemian Non-Conformist



If I had to describe myself, I think I would say I am a Bohemian at heart, even though most of the time I don’t dress that way… but that’s because when I was in the working world, not many jobs allow for individuality when it comes to clothing options — especially in the restaurant business. And when one works 40 hours + a week (when I worked 2 jobs) why buy an extensive wardrobe for my days off? Tee shirts and jeans were pretty much my staple.

The Urban Dictionary defines a bohemian as somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc. — they are usually very creative people. they are above all optimists, even if they can be very cynical too(it does make sense…sort of). they like wearing a mixture of weird clothes and mix different fashions together just for the heck of it. they like weed. generally very laid back and relaxed. I probably wouldn’t call myself relaxed, but I am working on that… that’s where the mediation comes in.

I do walk to the beat of a different drummer and since I no longer have to answer to a boss… my drum beat has gotten quite loud. I also see myself as a non-conformist. Traditional ways of doing things never appealed to me. I was always interested in alternative medicines, tarot, spirituality; I am optimistic and a smart-ass; I was always interested in health food, the environment (long before global warming was discussed) and shopping second hand stores — whether it was for furnishings or clothes. I always liked vintage, funky looking cars. I have also been known to create what I call upcycled art. I have extended my interests now to include Buddhism, yoga and meditation. Yes, I  I’ll say I am a Bohemian, if I were asked what group I felt I belonged to…even though I don’t fit well in actual groups. I don’t like to be pigeon holed. Ok, maybe Bohemian non-conformist describes me better.

I don’t know what got me started on wondering where I fit in — maybe it’s when hubby and I were talking about how people naturally gravitate to those who have the same values, ethnicity and lifestyle choices. I wouldn’t say I do because, to be honest I am pretty much a loner. I like being around others, but on my own terms — maybe that’s because for most of my adult life, my jobs required me to be social and I didn’t get a lot of time to myself. I will have to meditate on that some more… or not. Maybe I will just quote Popeye — “I am what I am” and leave it at that. Sometimes I can think about certain things to death.

Next month I turn 58. Hubby says 58 going on 13 and that’s pretty true.  58 is a strange number for me. I am not your average 58 year old-to- be. I prefer interacting with younger people. I just don’t have things in common with those my age. I like loud music and blast my car stereo when a song comes on that I want to “rock out to.”

I am not a grandmother, even though my son is 35 and I am ok with that. Most women my age either have grandkids or complain they don’t. It doesn’t bother me a bit. I admit I am more comfortable hanging out with the guys — always have. It’s not that I don’t like women — I am one, I just don’t have much in common with them. Does that make me weird? When I lived in San Francisco my friends were gay males, but again my time with them was limited because I enjoyed spending time by myself. We mostly hung out at gay discos. Did I mention I am also a disco queen?

Maybe that’s where I get caught up in the  — “where do I fit in?” question. If I think about it, I can be a chameleon and fit in with whatever group I am with at the time…sort of “love the one your with.” And I guess that’s ok. Hubby says I have many layers to my personality — I guess we all do. Right? Maybe the real reason I’m thinking about this stuff is because my birthday is coming up and in dog years, I am pretty dang old.

Do you ponder such things?

Peace out,


5 thoughts on “I May be a Bohemian Non-Conformist

  1. I think I’m “hip” to this Bohemian lifestyle of which you speak. I have never assigned a name to it, but I like much of what you described. My apartment is filled with things I call “vintage,” which I inherited from friends and family. My desk is made of two sewing tables, a piece of painted wood, and a hutch that sits atop it. I have a collection of children’s books from the time period when my mom was a child. I like to mix old items with a few new ones. I also rock out to new music. Not having had children, there never was a time for me when music became associated with “them” instead of “us.” I may sometimes think a style of music is a little bold for kids, but I’m likely to listen to it because it’s new. I sometimes ask students questions they don’t expect me to ask. I recently asked the daughter of a housekeeper/coworker whether she got her hair that particular shade of pink with chalk or Kool-Aid. The daughter was not at all uncomfortable answering my questions; but the mom stood in the corner with her mouth hanging open. The topic apparently was taboo between them. It led to generational disputes whenever it arose. The daughter even rolled up her sleeves to show me and discuss her tattoos. I think I can pass for ageless even though, at 56, I never pass for young. I also like what is alternative. Alternative medicine, alternative theories, and alternative viewpoints. I cannot be young, and, truth be told, have no desire to relive my youth, but I can be young at heart. I hope that I keep working with this “open door” policy because it constantly exposes me to new lessons in life. Thanks for inviting this train of thought!

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