Twenty Rules to Live By


I follow a blogger… Green Monkey Tales … who is going through colon cancer treatments and I am sharing this from her website:

Twenty Rules to Live By
(relating to illness and treatment)

from The Scalpel and the Soul by Allan J. Hamilton, M.D., FACS

Rule No. 1: Never underestimate luck – good or bad.

Rule No. 2: Find a doctor who cares about you.

Rule No. 3: Never trade quality for quantity of life.

Rule No. 4: Live your life with death in it.

Rule No. 5: You cannot dodge a bullet with your name on it.

Rule No. 6: Ask your doctor to pray with you.

Rule No. 7: Never believe anyone who says, “Nothing will go wrong.”

Rule No. 8: Don’t be turned into just another patient.

Rule No. 9: Listen to your favorite music.

Rule No. 10: Never let hospital rules interfere with patient visiting hours.

Rule No. 11: The will to live is yours.

Rule No. 12: Develop your own healing rituals.

Rule No. 13: To heal quickly avoid negative influences.

Rule No. 14: Don’t let growing old make you crazy.

Rule No. 15: Never be dissuaded from alternative medicine.

Rule No. 16: Never let a doctor determine your dignity. (broke it)

Rule No. 17: Never let a doctor constrain your outcome.

Rule No. 18: Always ask a doctor what he or she would do. (but will they be honest with you?)

Rule No. 19: Assign someone to be your guardian angel.

Rule No. 20: There’s no surgery like NO surgery.

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