June Bug

june bug

This isn’t the June Bug from my patio and I don’t know original photographer to give proper credit.


I enjoy my patio so much and it appears that many critters — crawling and flying enjoy it too. One such flying critter was a metallic green June Bug. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago — flying around the plants. My cats are the ones who brought the flying critter to my attention. Ever since I put a hummingbird feeder outside, they wait to see the “hummingbird” show, and since then there has been an increase of other birds, insects and butterflies coming to visit.

I never saw a June Bug until I moved to Southern California. They are a member of the beetle family and I recently read they are also called scarabs — back in the day, they were regarded by Egyptians as sacred, and they used the beetle in amulets and rings. To me they symbolize determination and grace. I am in awe watching them fly around with those tiny wings, carrying that large body. I have also been face to face with one — I swear it was trying to interact with me or maybe it was simply checking me out.

This morning I found my June Bug laying on the patio floor. It had died. I thought of the Buddhist lessons regarding impermanence. I felt sad and it reminded me that life is short, whether we are a June Bug or Human. A June Bug, if its lucky, can live 4 years! That’s a long time in bug years… we humans get about 80, if we are lucky. I don’t know what a June Bug does most of the time… I guess it looks for food … sort of our equivalent of working, I suppose. This particular June Bug seemed to enjoy my patio and I enjoyed watching it fly around. I’ll miss this little guy and consider it to be one of my teachers…life is short…so, be sure to stop and smell the flowers.



2 thoughts on “June Bug

  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the name of your blog. Few people can put it out there so directly! Love the message of simplicity in this post, and healthful living throughout your blog. 🙂

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