Yet Another Update “Fungus Among Us”


This is my 3rd installment, blogging about my skin rash battle. You can go to my earlier post if you want to be brought up to speed …

My legs do look a teeny bit better and the rash (now confirmed psoriasis) has not spread anywhere else. I have what is called ” moderate plaque psoriasis. My son came for a visit last week and he has it too! So I guess he got it from me… hereditarily, that is. He was not happy when I told him what he had, he thought it was bug bites. Luckily for him, it doesn’t show as much because he is covered in tattoos– maybe that’s my answer! I have one tattoo already and would like more, why not on my legs???

Actually tattoos are not in my budget right now, so I will continue applying aloe vera gel twice a day to affected areas. I also upped my vitamin D to 3-1,000 mg capsules. I also get B12 shots once a month. I eat a healthy diet  — mostly raw and definitely vegan. Everything I read, says that’s the way to go. My doctor says stress causes flare-ups but I always cuss up a storm when I’m really aggravated, so I’ve got that covered. You know — “garbage in — garbage out.”

My doctor offered to write me a script for medicines that might help, but I refuse to take any of the autoimmune drugs, I ingest enough toxic chemicals living in a toxic world. Since psoriasis is believed to be an autoimmune deficiency, I will be taking a strong probiotic supplement for a few weeks.

FYI — not all probiotics are the same, especially ones on the shelf, even those in health food stores. if you are looking into buying probiotics for yourself, make sure you choose ones that are refrigerated. The freeze dried ones on the shelf are not as potent, and most are plain dead and worthless.

So what do I buy? Garden of Life brands are now verified GMO-free… oh, you didn’t know gmos are hiding in our supplements too? They are, but the supplement industry is aware that we consumers are on to the “unlabeled” gmo ingredients hiding in our foods and we are letting manufacturers know — “either get on the gmo free train” or go belly up.


Actually its not as easy for most to change their ingredients, especially when 80% of corn and soy grown in USA and Canada are genetically modified, but Garden of Life found suppliers, so instead of waiting for others to catch up, I am giving my dollars to them .

They are a bit pricey, so I wait until they have a 25% sale in the vitamin department or only buy what I absolutely have to have at the moment. Its all about budgeting and I am pretty good at that.

Health & Happiness!


“No” is a Complete Sentence


Lately three different people have complained to me about being “taken for granted”…not by me, by someone else. They were different scenarios but in my opinion their problems stemmed from the same thing… they did not say “no.” I used to have the same problem. I was a people pleaser and even if I didn’t want to do something, I did it anyway because I either didn’t want to make them mad or  well… that’s it… I didn’t want them to be mad at me.

I don’t know if it’s the fact I am older and therefor tired of getting “kicked in the ass” by so-called friends or family, that finally gave me the courage to say no, or I more aware of time and how little we all have, and how its better to spend it doing things we really want to do. I mean just saying “yes” to accommodate another person isn’t being genuine. I am talking about lending money (or really giving… you know you won’t be paid back) or going out of your way for someone who #1 made some bad financial choices or #2 cannot manage their own time.

I listened to my friends who complained about the same stuff I once did and tried to give them the same advice that “woke me up” to my own behavior, or at least to my part in the drama…. “I allowed that person to do that to me.” Those are pretty powerful words. If you think about, we all play a part in what happens in our lives… at least most of the time. Of course there are times we get into jams through no fault of our own…like getting smacked in the head by a falling meteor, but most of the time we are guilty of not standing up for ourselves…for whatever reason.

Saying no is difficult, especially when the person who does the asking seems to really need help or is in a position to make your life miserable. How many times have I worked through my lunch break to get something out to meet a deadline, only to suffer for it later…like having a hypoglycemic episode? And did I even get a “thank you” from the boss, who by the way, made sure she ate her lunch…of course not!

Saying no takes courage and the willingness to not care what others think about you. I think having rectal cancer and showing my rear-end to an army of interns at UCI made me not care too much what people thought about me anymore.

Then there are times when we do say no, but only after giving a thorough explanation of why… when as Oprah once said, “No is a complete sentence.” We really should not feel obligated to do something we really do not want to do… and I don’t like the word “should” either ,but I will make an exception in this case. We fill our heads with too many shoulds, when I think it’s better to rephrase and say “could”…it sounds more positive.

We shall see if my words of advice will be taken. I do try to be supportive but I also want to be honest with them and hopefully they will feel empowered to stand up for themselves. I read recently in one of the Buddhist books, that to live a genuine life sometimes requires being honest with someone, even if they might not like it. Hopefully, they will at least know that I won’t just blow smoke up their ass, but instead offer my real opinions.

Do you find yourself having trouble saying no?

Peace, Happiness and Health!