Juicing Veggies with Cheesecloth


I saw my oncologist today and she said my blood tests were very good. She also mentioned that she is happy and amazed that I am still cancer free. I know statistically, stage 4 colon cancer patients have a reoccurrence, but maybe its because they didn’t change their diet and lifestyle. I did.

I visited a patient today who was getting her third chemo treatment. She brought a vegetarian cookbook along, so I asked her how long she was vegetarian and she said as soon as she was diagnosed. I told her my story and she told me she wanted to try juicing but she can’t afford to buy a juicer — so, when I got home I researched juicing veggies without a juicer, and guess what! It can be done!

All you need is a blender. For example, tear up some greens, add baby carrots, a cut up apple and chopped cucumber, and blend. Then get a large jar or bowl and drape some cheese cloth over it; drain the blended mixture into it and the end result?  — instant juice!

I tried it and it works. Now anyone can juice.

Be well!


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