All Cancer Survivors/Patients Are Brave

1044555_549922661727232_164041952_nI am not a fan of Angelina Jolie, in fact I really have no opinion about her one way or another when it comes to her acting ability. I admit I don’t watch her movies. That being said, I do support her choice to have a double mastectomy and I commend her for going public with such a private matter. I am disappointed that there are people who publicly condemn her for doing what she believed to be right for her.

I am talking about Melissa Etheridge’s ignorant comments — ” Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy wasn’t the ‘Brave Choice’ ” — who is she to know what is best for Jolie? I know Etheridge fought breast cancer too and I would like to remind her that she did it “her way”. I believe Etheridge’s comments were hurtful and uncalled for.

People who go through the battle of cancer are all brave in my book and no one has the right to decide what medical treatment or precautions is best for someone else. Remember that saying “… walk a mile in my shoes?” What may seem radical to some may be the best choice for another.

If you are recently diagnosed with any cancer, or carry the BRCA gene, I suggest weighing your options and doing what is best for you, and not listen to the “peanut gallery.”

Be well!


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