My Thoughts on Thinking


“I choose to focus on that which is life-giving and positive.”  That is the affirmation I start my day with. I do my modified morning sun salutation and meditate to start my day, but even while I do that, those negative thoughts try to creep in — I sometimes have two thoughts going at the same time. I know I am not the only one who experiences this because I read about it on many blogs and in Buddhist literature.

I am fascinated though as to how our minds work. Why do our minds seem to prefer negative thoughts over positive ones? Are we prone to “drama”? Is it  environmental or is something else going on? Do people who live a hermit life have the same “thought” issues?

I am aware that our thoughts have an effect on our bodies and on our health. I know laughing raises endorphins which keep our immune system functioning properly. There are many sites online that teach people how to limit negative thinking, but nothing really about why our brains have negative thoughts. Or is it just me? I am aware that under stress my OCD kicks in…mainly negative thoughts playing out over-and-over.

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but I can keep working towards thinking more positive thoughts. At least I am aware of it  and knowledge is power. What are your thoughts about this topic? Have you found any scientific studies? Do you struggle with the same thing?



1 thought on “My Thoughts on Thinking

  1. The mind is the slayer of the real. Might take you a while to understand this, however; the mind is a troublesome thing. The shifting of our thoughts coincide with our breathing, so if you focus on your breathing you automatically control your mind. Hermits take a long time to develop, reason being, they are not in the midst of confusion where one is able to practice what they have learned.This is how mantras come helpful they occupy your mind so you are aware of thoughts coming and the choice to acknowledge them and let them go…. back to clear skies! Om…

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