Finding a Yoga Practice Designed for You!

cheezyogaSo I have been trying out a few different yoga techniques…there are plenty of videos on Youtube…so I did not have to a bunch of different physical studios to see which one really is the best for me. My conclusion…a hybrid of yoga techniques.  As usual, I never fit in to groups and end up creating my own. As someone once said, “No one owns yoga”.

So I decided on Hatha Yoga. I like Hatha Yoga because it is gentle and slower. I also do what I call Yoga/Jazzercise– it’s more bouncy — I can do that while listening to music. I came up with this practice after seeing videos about Yoga Raves — I think Yoga is constantly evolving and I think that’s a good thing. I love to dance and I love Yoga , so for me to incorporate the two makes sense. If you don’t know what a Yoga rave is — watch this video:

If you are new to yoga, please follow this link and find out how many types of yoga practices there are.

I take a yoga class in person every couple of weeks in Long Beach. The instructor offers a Laughter Yoga class right after and who doesn’t need a good group laugh now and then?



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