Do You Know What’s in Your Food?


Last weekend there were marches around the world, standing up to the mega-giant Monsanto. I participated in the one in Laguna Beach, California. I was one of the speakers. As you know, I am a cancer survivor. I blame Monsanto for the illness that nearly claimed my life. Here is a snippet from my speech:


My name is Inge and I am a Stage Four Rectal cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed in December 2010. There is no colorectal cancer in my family history. I have been vegetarian since 2000. My diet was dairy, soy and corn products. After researching the Internet, I discovered that the dairy I was eating on a daily basis for 10 years contained rBST, which is now proven to cause breast and colon cancers. I also found out that the corn and soy also contained gmos. I thought I was eating a healthy diet, but instead was feeding myself a steady diet of poison. As soon as I found that out, I stopped eating all processed foods and dairy. I endured chemotherapy and radiation and I have not eaten gmos (to my knowledge) since then and I remain cancer free. It is my mission to educate others about the dangers of eating foods containing gmos in order to spare them from getting cancer.

Spreading the word about the dangers of eating genetically modified foods is one of the major missions in my life. GMOs are in at least (I think more) 70% of the processed foods in grocery stores, and we are eating them without our knowledge and therefore our consent.

Last year I worked very hard to get Prop. 37… The California Right to Know Initiative, passed but Monsanto spent 37 million dollars to keep people from knowing what’s in their food with deceptive advertising. If you look at the header on my blog, you will see the Make Mine GMO FREE  section, click the link and you will find products that are GMO free.

There is also an app for those of you who have cell phones that support them…you can find out right when you are shopping what foods are GMO free. I wrote about the march for the online newspaper I work for and you can read it here. It also has ideas how you can help spread the word.



3 thoughts on “Do You Know What’s in Your Food?

  1. Right on! I have seen quite a bit about the Monsanto seeds and pesticides and have some fears of my own. Thanks for the additional information. I really appreciate it.

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