Its All About Perspective

zen1I visited with a patient last week who was celebrating her last day of chemotherapy. I saw her on a regular basis for the past several months. She had cancer in her eyelid, if you can believe that. She is yet another patient who had a story about misdiagnosis by a so-called trained professional. She ended up losing an eye because of it. She always had a funny story to tell me and that day was no different, except this time she meant to be serious.

Here is our conversation ….

Me, “I bet you are so excited to be leaving this place” (I sure am and I’m happy I don’t have your crappy life!)  I couldn’t help myself, I cracked up AND I was caught off guard. Here is a woman who has one eye and she is happy she isn’t me who has a colostomy bag and uses a walker to get around. I actually prefer my new normal compared to hers…but when you think about it…it’s all about perspective.



3 thoughts on “Its All About Perspective

  1. You are right about that. Two people looking at the same thing sees different facets of the same thing, however; there is only duality in the lower levels of consciousness, like at the base of the triangle which has two points, the same triangle which they use to represent the absolute, as consciousness rises the two points meet at the apex of the triangle merging into one point unifying all in oneness. Sorry did not mean to interrupt a conversation to say nothing….

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