Who Made the Salad?

9174746d33cb869a433f0bc31ff8ff2c I was in Sprouts yesterday looking for Chlorella powder to get my gut back on track when I saw bottles of Bragg salad dressings displayed on one of their end-caps. I never knew Bragg made salad dressings…I thought they only made amino acids. What a nice surprise! And they are not only organic but they are GMO-Free…. I called them today to make sure.

So the next time you want to try something new…or if you want to know more about this company click here.



2 thoughts on “Who Made the Salad?

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I use Braggs Liquid Aminos all the time, but I didn’t know they made salad dressings either. With the hot weather we’ve been having in SoCal, I’m going to be making a lot more salads, so this is good to know. Celeste:)

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