The Fungus Among Us



I saw the dermatologist last Friday about my mysterious skin rashes. I got a lot of “hmmmm” from the doctor and he uttered some fancy medical words I never heard of. He ended up scraping the top of one of the rash zones and looked at it under a microscope. He was looking to see if it was a fungus. The slide was inconclusive so he wants me to return in two weeks…they need authorization from the insurance company…who say insurance company don’t interfere with doctor/patient care? He plans to give me a ‘local’ anesthetic and slice a few layers off one of the areas and biopsy it. That doesn’t sound fun to me…so I better get crackin’ and heal myself.

So this weekend I researched the Internet again for possible culprits and I found — 1. There are a lot of *snake oil* salesman floating around the World Wide Web making all sorts of ridiculous claims, and 2. Candida keeps popping up.

So I decided to go with the Candida hypothesis. I found a good website that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Candida but were afraid to ask. It got my attention because they mentioned vegetarians and vegans and their diet. Chlorella is the supplement they recommend  because of its detoxifying properties.

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer almost 2 1/2 years ago and I did have chemotherapy and I am vegan, — soooo it is possible my body got out of whack (again) and the Candida that is a natural tenant in my intestines might have taken over. It needs to be trimmed way back.

I bought a probiotic last week and I am still eating Bubbies sauerkraut, but I plan to buy some powdered Chlorella tomorrow and add it to my daily smoothie. I am determined to rid myself of these rashes and I hope it’s before the two-week deadline.

to be continued….



4 thoughts on “The Fungus Among Us

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  2. Do tell us how this works for you. I’ve had a rash since January and have been told to ignore it. I’m doing pretty well at it until I am rubbing a swollen ankle and find myself wondering if anyone really knows anything in medicine. Maybe my rash is an after-effect of chemo.

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