Are We Forgetting to Live in the Present?

529771_212424155533114_1525451648_nIf I don’t focus on what I am doing I will forget things…did I lock the door? …where are my keys?… I forgot to call so and so…I  blame it on *chemo brain*…but I think what’s really going on is I don’t multi-task very well. I am finding out that it’s not just me. Forbes has written a few articles on the subject.

Many jobs require multitasking and that question is always asked in an interview, but this behavior is causing some health issues, according to an article in USA Today:

 There are serious negative health consequences to multitasking. Constant multitasking can lead to chronic stress, depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder (ADD). [14] In particular, high levels of stress can increase an individual’s risk of heart disease and stroke. [15]  Ed Hollowell aptly stated that people are experiencing a “severe case of modern life. But their distress is very real, individuals and their organizations are suffering too. A workplace that becomes toxic in a hurry. People may be meeting their numbers, but they’re not as creative, flexible, humorous or innovative as they might be.

I don’t know what we can do about our work environments but we can do something in our personal lives. How many of us are addicted to our Blackberries, IPhones, Facebook etc.? I actually still use an old flip cell phone and I refuse to text message. It’s just too much artificial connectedness for me and too expensive.

I still see so many people constantly looking at their IPhones while walking their dogs, sitting in waiting rooms and driving! I know when my son is looking at Facebook while he is talking to me on the phone… he sounds distracted, and I have been guilty of it too.

How much of our lives are being wasted — constantly looking for updates on our social media, when time could be spent in person with those we care about? When is the last time we watched a sunset?…petted our dog or cat and really looked at them?

Buddhism teaches mindfulness and to live in the present — we can’t do that with our eyes always looking down, scrolling through our messages — we need to look up and around us —  otherwise we are missing out in this wonderful thing called life.

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