Making Conscious Healthy Choices

mix pics 372A patient graduated from her chemotherapy treatment yesterday. She was excited, as she certainly should be and told me she was happy she was getting hydration, along with her usual cocktail because she was going out later and celebrating. She planned to drink some alcohol. I don’t know how much and I didn’t ask.

I do know that sometimes when we celebrate something and alcohol is involved, we can overdo it. I have mixed feelings about drinking alcohol, especially after getting cancer and surviving it.

First of all — alcohol is highly acidic. And let’s be honest — the reason many of us indulge is because we like the high.

Second — the immune system is still fragile and will remain so from not  only the cancer but the chemo drugs — no matter how you slice it — chemo is a poison meant to kill cancer cells, and along with killing cancer, healthy cells get stomped too.

I am not allowed to talk to people about their diet and life choices when I visit with them in the hospital and frankly I really do not want to. My goal is to inspire, not lecture, but I do give them the name of this blog, which I believe has information that will help them make healthier choices.

I believe in science, but I also believe in alternative healing. I believe science is catching up and finding out that food and lifestyle are important to good health. Hospitals still serve foods that contain unhealthy additives — like genetically modified ingredients. I know that they shop for the best deals and the best deals are not always the healthiest. There are some doctors who tell their patients to stop eating dairy and sugar while getting treatment and this makes me hopeful.

So back to this person wanting to go out and celebrate — what I am trying to convey is that cancer did not appear out of nowhere — it had to have an environment to flourish. Eating foods that are bad for us and drinking alcohol — don’t get me started about smoking — all create toxic environments. What cancer taught me was to stop and look at what I was doing. What foods was I eating? I didn’t smoke or drink alcohol, so my list of possible causes was shorter.

I know many people who tell me that they are genetically prone to cancer, heart disease, diabetes…pick one, but I don’t believe that. I come from short fat people who are obese. Heart disease and diabetes run rampant in my family history. I chose to eat a healthier diet and exercise. Yes, I still got cancer but that was not my fault. I didn’t know the foods I was eating were not really food anymore and were instead chemically changed.

As soon as I figured out what happened, I changed my diet immediately, along with my life style. What I wonder but I cannot ask them (the patients), especially the ones who continue to order the bacon cheeseburgers — is, “don’t you wonder how you got sick? and are you willing to make a change to make sure cancer does not come back?” Do they just figure it’s bad luck, bad genes or don’t they give it any thought?

It’s sort of like dieting. People say diets don’t work because as soon as the person loses the weight they eat the same foods that got them fat in the first place. I think it’s the same with cancer. I think we have the best chance of never getting cancer again by figuring out what happened and changing our eating habits and lifestyle.



Finding a Yoga Practice Designed for You!

cheezyogaSo I have been trying out a few different yoga techniques…there are plenty of videos on Youtube…so I did not have to a bunch of different physical studios to see which one really is the best for me. My conclusion…a hybrid of yoga techniques.  As usual, I never fit in to groups and end up creating my own. As someone once said, “No one owns yoga”.

So I decided on Hatha Yoga. I like Hatha Yoga because it is gentle and slower. I also do what I call Yoga/Jazzercise– it’s more bouncy — I can do that while listening to music. I came up with this practice after seeing videos about Yoga Raves — I think Yoga is constantly evolving and I think that’s a good thing. I love to dance and I love Yoga , so for me to incorporate the two makes sense. If you don’t know what a Yoga rave is — watch this video:

If you are new to yoga, please follow this link and find out how many types of yoga practices there are.

I take a yoga class in person every couple of weeks in Long Beach. The instructor offers a Laughter Yoga class right after and who doesn’t need a good group laugh now and then?



Do You Know What’s in Your Food?


Last weekend there were marches around the world, standing up to the mega-giant Monsanto. I participated in the one in Laguna Beach, California. I was one of the speakers. As you know, I am a cancer survivor. I blame Monsanto for the illness that nearly claimed my life. Here is a snippet from my speech:


My name is Inge and I am a Stage Four Rectal cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed in December 2010. There is no colorectal cancer in my family history. I have been vegetarian since 2000. My diet was dairy, soy and corn products. After researching the Internet, I discovered that the dairy I was eating on a daily basis for 10 years contained rBST, which is now proven to cause breast and colon cancers. I also found out that the corn and soy also contained gmos. I thought I was eating a healthy diet, but instead was feeding myself a steady diet of poison. As soon as I found that out, I stopped eating all processed foods and dairy. I endured chemotherapy and radiation and I have not eaten gmos (to my knowledge) since then and I remain cancer free. It is my mission to educate others about the dangers of eating foods containing gmos in order to spare them from getting cancer.

Spreading the word about the dangers of eating genetically modified foods is one of the major missions in my life. GMOs are in at least (I think more) 70% of the processed foods in grocery stores, and we are eating them without our knowledge and therefore our consent.

Last year I worked very hard to get Prop. 37… The California Right to Know Initiative, passed but Monsanto spent 37 million dollars to keep people from knowing what’s in their food with deceptive advertising. If you look at the header on my blog, you will see the Make Mine GMO FREE  section, click the link and you will find products that are GMO free.

There is also an app for those of you who have cell phones that support them…you can find out right when you are shopping what foods are GMO free. I wrote about the march for the online newspaper I work for and you can read it here. It also has ideas how you can help spread the word.